Egyptian Geese at North Cave Wetlands

9 Oct

9/10/13 Started Wednesday afternoon at Welton Waters but with the strong wind and heavy showers, marking the end of the warm period, I made it a quick trip and headed for the shelter of North Cave Wetlands. Fortunately made the right decision to wear my over trouser as it chucked it down shortly after I set off.  The road was soaked around South Cave so had take it easy. [have to make a biking reference occasionally to justify the blog name!] However this was the last rain of the day. Three Egyptian Geese had been present since late September and although I don’t keep a proper site list I do try to see anything new for the site. To be honest don’t even know if I’ve seen one at North Cave Wetlands before. Anyway started in East Hide and all three Egyptians were on view.


Three Egyptian Geese on Village Lake

Although a few Pink-footed Geese had been seen over flying the site in recent days, the only other geese were Greylags and Canadas.

Moved to Turret Hide and had a Little Ringed Plover on Island Lake. Also 3 Snipe, 2 on Island Lake and another on Village Lake.


Two Egyptian Geese from Turret Hide

Otherwise nothing else of note bird wise except the regular Black Swan on Carp Lake.


Black Swan on Carp Lake

Had seen a few migrant Hawkers and Common Darters at Welton Waters but with the colder conditions none were evident at North Cave Wetlands. The same with butterflies.


Highland Cattle on Dryham Ings 


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