Green-winged Teal at North Cave Wetlands

31 Dec

A drake Green-winged Teal was found at North Cave Wetlands on 19th December. Wasn’t a site tick as I saw the 1st record on it’s first day on 9.11.08.



Green-winged Teal drake N.Cave Wetlands-9.11.08

Not even a year tick so the pressure wasn’t on. However with the post Christmas dog days at work the prospect of seeing it looked better. However Monday was too wet with strong winds so that was out but Tuesday, despite a heavy shower early afternoon, was better.


Secure parking courtesy of YWT

Thus mid afternoon found me in East Hide viewing Village Lake, where it had been this morning. No sign so moved to Turret Hide which would give me another angle on Village Lake as well as Island Lake. First quick scan failed to produce it but the second located it asleep on the long thin island at the back of Island Lake. The light was still good enough for a bearable shot.


Today’s drake Green-winged Teal


Island Lake-the G-W.Teal is on the thin island at the back [middle bird!]. 

Didn’t have time for a full circuit and nothing else of interest on site so decided to hang on in Turret Hide incase the Green-winged Teal woke up. However apart from a brief ‘head up” when disturbed by a Eurasian Teal it remained asleep until dark even when the bulk of the Teal where scattered by a Sparrowhawk.


Sunset over N.Cave Wetlands







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