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A good day at Kilnsea/Easington

14 Sep

Haven’t blogged for many weeks mainly due to lack of time and inspiration. However with autumn here shorter days and better birding should get me back in action.

14/9 Sunday morning with a few interesting birds on the coast and nothing much in the Hull Valley, John and I headed for Kilnsea. To be honest I don’t usually do the “hotspots” particularly at the weekend as I can’t be bothered with the crowds and often find the birds are less showy than the pager would have you believe. Also with too many serious photographers and being more bothered with seeing rather than photographing bird and don’t get my camera out much.

Started in Crown & Anchor car-park where Yellow-browed Warbler and Barred Warbler had been reported. Not too crowded and quickly got on a Pied Flycatcher [year tick no.1] followed shortly by a smart Wood Warbler [year tick no.2]. With nothing else giving itself up we moved to Bluebell car-park for the Red-breasted Flycatcher at Southfield Farm. After some frustration this have itself up, initially as a brown flicker in a willow, than a flight view showing the white patches in the tail [year tick no.3].

Next was a Barred Warbler in the canal zone taking in a few Whinchat on the way. However it had gone to ground so with the tide dropping started checking the waders. Masses of Knot with lesser numbers of Dunlin, Grey, Golden and Ringed Plover, Dunlin and Redshank. Hoped for Curlew Sandpiper so John went to bring the car and gear. However before he returned a Great Grey Shrike was found nearby so I and walked to meet him near the Canal Scrape. Initially no sign but John picked it up but a long way off even through my ‘scope [year tick no.4].

Heard the Wryneck was showing well again at the entrance to Sandy Beaches Holiday Park but no sign for us so we headed back to Bluebell car-park for lunch and a sea-watch. Managed a Great Skua [year tick no.5] as well as Gannet, Red-throated Diver and Common Scoter. The sea-watch was cut short by the sight of birders looking into the holiday park. Joined them to get good views of the Wryneck [year tick no.6]. Also a few Alba Wagtail including a good candidate for White.


Wryneck-Sandy Beaches Holiday Village,Kilnsea

Moved to Sammy’s Point where Yellow-browed and Barred Warbler had been seen. Had a few Wheatear and a Redstart but although still around couldn’t get a solid view of the Barred Warbler.


North Wheatear-Sammy’s Point,Easington

All in all a better day than expect. Not too many birders,  everyone behaving and managed a good number of birds. Missed a Honey Buzzard which flew south then north earlier and may have been the bird at Out Newton as we arrived, also Yellow-browed and Marsh Warbler were seen at the Crown &Anchor car-park.