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Blyth’s Pipit at Calder Park.

4 Jan

When the Blyth’s Pipit was first found by Jonathan Holliday at Calder Park near Pugney’s CP on 8/12/14, unlike the Eastern Crowned Warbler and Eastern Black Redstart, I wasn’t at work. In fact I was freezing my bollocks off at Hornsea Mere with RL so were glad to get in the car, race off and be among the Yorkshire birding diehards to tick the pipit on it’s first day. However ticking that day amounted to an organised walk through the wet grassland to flush it and fortunately hear it call. Called well and although we did get it briefly, through a scope, perched in a bush we didn’t hang around long not expecting anything better that day. In fact it flew out of sight not much later so didn’t miss anything.


Blyth’s Pipit’s favoured field with West Yorkshire Police HQ in background

It did reappear the following day and over the days became more settled and the birders more relaxed so increasingly better pictures started to appear on facebook, twitter etc.

Come the New Year it seemed a good idea to go back for better views. Went on the first Sunday again with RL accompanied by ML, JH and DV all who hadn’t been before. The trip out was a bit worrying as it wasn’t reported early and it looked like another one of those “I wish we’d gone yesterday” twitches”. However it was reported mid morning on the field near the KFC. Getting there however it had flown back to the original field. Was surprise to see a group of birders stood on the pavement and not on the banking opposite. The reason for this became apparent with in a few minute when the pipit flew from the field and landed on the banking where it preceded to feed close up opposite the birders. Hadn’t even got my camera out so only managed to fire off a few record shots before it flew off. Fortunately returned shortly and this time I not only managed some improved shots but even managed to scope it a for a few minutes before it flew again.


Blyth’s Pipit at Calder Park


“Pipit stepping”


Happy birders including ML and JH


Shadowy characters at Calder Park