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Transmire Bog

31 Jul

31/7/16 For the second weekend in a row headed to North Yorkshire with RL and ML for dragonflies [see here]. This time Transmire Bog. Arriving early afternoon it was cold and searching the stream I only had a brief view of a largish blue dragonfly. However moving to the bog itself had did better first with a male Broad-bodied chaser then several Keeled Skimmers including a copulating pair.


Male Broad-bodied Chaser-Transmire Bog-ML


Pair of Keeled Skimmer-Transmire Bog

Also had Large Red Damselfly and a Black Darter.


Large Red Damselfly-Transmire Bog


Black Darter-Transmire Bog

And a small Common Toad.


Common Toad-Transmire Bog

Due the cool conditions had only a few butterflies, a Small Heath and  a small ‘whites”.

Again checked the stream having our first Golden-ringed Dragonfly on crossing the road. However initially only had brief views but eventually RL found one at rest further up the stream.


Male Golden-ringed Dragonfly-Transmire

Bird wise the best was Tree Pipit but otherwise only Meadow Pipit, Pied Wagtail and a few Swallow.

Moved on to Langdale End to check the the Derwent for Beautiful Demoiselle. No luck though as it was too cold and  the river was more shaded than we’d expected. A few Spotted Flycatchers, now a rare bird, but I didn’t get a decent view.

Fen Bog

23 Jul

DSCN178923/7/16 Did Fen Bog for Keeled Skimmer with RL back in 2013 [see here including direction] . Today was mainly for ML but it was nice to have a change of scene as I haven’t been out of my usual area much this year due to not been able to get for things earlier this year and lack of anything worth the trip recently.

As expected on a warm Saturday at the beginning of the summer holidays the trip out was a bit of a drag and unfortunately it had cooled a bit on arrival but Keeled Skimmers had been seen recently. Walking from the car park I had a Common Lizard but as usual disappeared rapidly. Wandered around and had a couple of probables but nothing settled. Lots of distinctive ‘grass moths’ on the wings. A pig to photograph and usually just ignore them but managed a couple of reasonable shots, hopefully good enough to ID later.


Catoptria margaritella or Pearl-band Grass Veneer

Still having no luck with dragonflies except for a what we thought was a female Common Darter but on studying my pictures proved to a Keeled Skimmer. We were considering moving to another site but met a couple who’d recently seen Keeled Skimmer in an area we had not checked yet so headed off there where amazingly ML managed to pick them out at a good range on the only decent pool we’d seen today .


female Keeled Skimmer

We all scrambled down to it and eventually had at least a dozen, mostly male Keeled Skimmers. However were very active and rarely stopped for long in clear sight. We all ultimately managed some good shots, me by the tricky manual mode.


male Keeled Skimmer

A lot of different micro moths on the wing and managed to ‘pot’ Brown China-mark but failed with another species which I still haven’t a clue about.


Brown China-mark

Butterfly wise mainly Skippers, Ringlet and Small Heath, the latter very local in my regular area.


Small Skipper


Small Heath

Also had a large Fritillary, likely Dark Green but it just flew through but a couple had been seen two well in the car park. Didn’t see any of the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary which also were seen in the car park.


RAF Fylingdales-I preferred the ‘golf balls’.

Later checked Eller Beck on the opposite side of the road. Managed one female Golden-ringed Dragonfly ovipositing a few feet below us.


ovipositing Golden-ringed Dragonfly on Eller Beck

Bird wise very quiet with the upland breeding birds likely moved on and Wheatear was the only one I wouldn’t have seen just walking the dogs near my home.


Hole of Horcum

Return journey was quicker helped by taking the A64 at Malton and thus avoiding the town centre bottleneck.