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Transmire Bog

31 Jul

31/7/16 For the second weekend in a row headed to North Yorkshire with RL and ML for dragonflies [see here]. This time Transmire Bog. Arriving early afternoon it was cold and searching the stream I only had a brief view of a largish blue dragonfly. However moving to the bog itself had did better first with a male Broad-bodied chaser then several Keeled Skimmers including a copulating pair.


Male Broad-bodied Chaser-Transmire Bog-ML


Pair of Keeled Skimmer-Transmire Bog

Also had Large Red Damselfly and a Black Darter.


Large Red Damselfly-Transmire Bog


Black Darter-Transmire Bog

And a small Common Toad.


Common Toad-Transmire Bog

Due the cool conditions had only a few butterflies, a Small Heath and  a small ‘whites”.

Again checked the stream having our first Golden-ringed Dragonfly on crossing the road. However initially only had brief views but eventually RL found one at rest further up the stream.


Male Golden-ringed Dragonfly-Transmire

Bird wise the best was Tree Pipit but otherwise only Meadow Pipit, Pied Wagtail and a few Swallow.

Moved on to Langdale End to check the the Derwent for Beautiful Demoiselle. No luck though as it was too cold and  the river was more shaded than we’d expected. A few Spotted Flycatchers, now a rare bird, but I didn’t get a decent view.

Fen Bog and Transmire Bog

28 Jul

Following an aborted trip last year and with a prolonged period of hot weather Roy and I decided to head up to North Yorkshire for Keel Skimmer on Monday 22 July. Initially didn’t look too good with low cloud but this burnt off before reaching Fen Bog. The car park is easily found off A169 almost opposite the Flyingdales RAF base [remember the iconic golf balls  but don’t know what the current structure is known as] and just south of the turn off to Gouthland. For details check here. Immediately found several fritillary butterflies, but checking the picture later were only Small Pearl Bordered, only one I’ve previously seen.

Image 2

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary-Fen Bog

Also our 1st Keeled Skimmer.


Keeled Skimmer-female-Fen Bog-my only picture due to battery failure. All others are Roy’s.

On entering the reserve proper immediately had a male Keeled Skimmer which was very settled, only flying to defend it’s territory from another male.

Image 3

Keeled Skimmer-male-Fen Bog

Also had a “hawker” presumed to be Southern. Only birdlife was Swallow, Chaffinch and Meadow Pipit. The North Yorkshire Railway passes the edge of the reserve so we had regular sightings of steam locomotives.

Moved on to Transmire where we had several close sightings of Golden-ringed Dragonflies on the stream. Good for me as I’d only had flight views previously.

Image 1

Golden-ringed Dragonfly-Tranmire Bog

Transmire itself is quite inconspicuous as it’s only a small depression close to the stream. It’s only on closer inspection you discover it’s boggy. Check here for directions. Several more Keeled Skimmers here, including a female found by Roy in grass, as described in the books. Also a good Southern Hawker.

Image 5

Keeled Skimmers-Transmire-male above, female below.

Image 4

Much better birding with, as well as Chaffinch and Meadow Pipit, a family party of Grey Wagtail and a few Siskin including a very bright male.



Again a few Small Pearl Border Fritillaries.

[Editorial note-Any regular visitors to this blog will hopefully notice an improvement in picture quality as I’ve found the button that increases the size. Also anyone following my New York trip report can relax as I will post another episode soon.]