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15 Jan

15/1/17 Sunday morning headed for Scarborough with RL and ML.


Scarborough Harbour

Started at the harbour where we quickly picked up one each of the Black-necked Grebes and Great Northern Divers currently present.


Great Northern Diver in Scarborough Harbour


Black-necked Grebe in Scarborough Harbour

Soon had the second diver, the two occasionally surfacing close together. Walked round to the other side of the harbour where the we located the second grebe.


Cormorants in Scarborough Harbour.

Near the bridge added a approachable Rock Pipit.


Rock Pipit at Scarborough harbour

Looking out the sea had a juvenile Glaucous Gull in flight.


Glaucous Gull off Scarborough Harbour

On the sideway added Shag, with the Cormorants.


Shag and Cormorant in Scarborough Harbour

Moved to Marine Drive, parking near Albert Park Cafe. Initially couldn’t locate any Black Redstarts until we met up with a local birder who had just been watching one with two Stonechat nearby.


Black Redstart on Marine Drive, Scarborough


Stonechat on Marine Drive, Scarborough

Finally went to Scalby Mills car park where a juvenile Glaucous Gull was on the rocks but usually obscured by other gulls.



Glaucous Gull with Herring Gulls at Scalby Mills, Scarborough

Year List:- 101

Great Northern Diver at Hornsea Mere

7 Jan

7/1/17 A Great Northern Diver was found on Hornsea Mere by JC mid morning. RL and I were planning to do the gulls there anyway and it was a site tick for ML so headed for Kirkholme Point early afternoon. A birder there had seen it recently but had lost track of it. We started looking with out luck and were about to give up and when I noticed an sudden disturbance among the ducks and Coot with no obvious cause. Thought it would be the diver so called the other two back and ML picked it up,close to where the birds had moved from. Came fairly close although the mist didn’t help but we all got satisfactory shots.


Great Northern Diver at Hornsea Mere

Moved round to Seaton Road Hide to try and get the diver from there but failed. Had tried with out success to see the Long-tailed Ducks from Kirkholme Point and there was even less chance from the hide with the mist getting worse.

Year List: 77


Mist over Hornsea Mere

No point doing the gull roost so left early but had time for our first look at Swine Moor in 2017. As in recent winters there was plenty of water. Counted 1600 Wigeon and 500 Teal.


Wigeon on Swine Moor-RL

Also a large number of Lapwing with smaller sums of Redshank and single figures of Dunlin and Snipe; the latter a year tick.

Year List: 80

20/1/16 Richard’s Pipits and Surf Scoter

20 Jan

Year list rising slowly still reaching 84 on Monday afternoon with a drake Pintail at Tophill Low NR  when doing the gull roost, but like other recent nights the gulls were poor. We’d hoped for the Kumlien’s Gull seen at Hornsea Mere on Sunday evening. Annoyingly had been at Hornsea Mere that day but decided to head for Tophill Low NR instead of Kirkholme Point early afternoon.

Tuesday though RL decided to head up the coast for some better birds. Started at Flamborough North Landing. The field was easily found, being just beyond the car park but was bigger and the grass longer than I’d been lead to believe. Checked the west side where the mud showed there’d been “heavy traffic” in recent days. Glad I had my new wellies on! New sign of any pipits so moved to the opposite side of the field. Going easier here as there is plastic webbing on the path. Eventually picked up some pipits. There were three and they look bigger than the Meadow Pipits but were dark and just didn’t look right. Just couldn’t turn them into anything but Rock Pipits. A few other birders arrived but no-one declared them Richard’s and nothing better could be found so headed back to the car park. The others gave up shortly and headed our way. Back on the other side we stopped for another look. The rest caught up and not long after one Richard’s Pipit was picked up in the corner where we’d first looked. Whether it had dropped in or just been very elusive I can’t say but it’s two friends were soon located nearby. Took some record shots and were just waiting for the usual “Is everyone happy to move a bit closer” when they flew to the other side. Year list now 91.


Richard’s Pipit wintering at North Landing,Flamborough

Next to Filey NCCP. A few birders on the end of Carr Naze but no-one had seen the Surf Scoter recently. Had a Great Northern Diver close in.


Great Northern Diver off Filey Brigg

Had a duck fairly close in but my initial thought was female Eider. However when I got a better view I saw the white back of the head. It was the Surf Scoter, but unfortunately the guy we’d just spoken to had gone thinking he’d dipped.


First winter ♂ Surf Scoter off Filey Brigg

Climbed down to the Brigg to get closer. Not an easy climb and expressly forbidden! A few waders about to add to my year list including a Purple Sandpiper.


Cormorants on Filey Brigg


Black-headed Gull off Filey Brigg

Also a nice summer plumaged Shag off shore but too distant to photograph.


Cormorant fighting with a good fish off Filey Brigg 

DSCN9880A Common Seal gave us a cursory glance.

Looking for more waders was surprised to flush a Woodcock which landed out of site on Carr Naze. Year list up to 101.