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11 Oct

9/10/16 Started Sunday morning with RL and ML looking for a Yellow-browed Warbler at Paull church [see here]. No luck but had a few Chiffchaff including one singing. Also a few Redwing.

Next headed for Atwick but report of a possible Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler in the potato field at Spurn Point made us retrace our route then continue to Kilnsea. Parking near Crown and Anchor there was no sign of any real interest so just walked the road east. Good numbers of Robin. Also had a Redstart in the hedgerow  where I’d seen the Masked Shrike as well as my first Fieldfare of the autumn.



Next walked Beacon Lane. Had  small flock of Brambling.


Brambling-Beacon Lane, Kilnsea-RL

Also a acrocephalus warbler but couldn’t make it anything other than Reed.


Reed Warbler-Beacon Lane, Kilnsea-RL


Chiffchaff-Beacon Lane, Kilnsea-RL 

Back at Bluebell Corner several Goldcrest were showing well in weeds.


Goldcrest-Bluebell Corner, Kilnsea

Got back to the car as the Olive-backed Pipit was reported again along Vicars Lane. Showed well eventually, at close range behind the gas terminal fence although it made photography awkward.


Olive-backed Pipit-Vicars Lane, Easington

Went into Easington but there was no further sign of the Pallas’s Warbler behind White Horse Inn. Headed to the cemetery where a Firecrest had been seen. No sign of it but had a nice male Red-breasted Flycatcher.


Male Red-breasted Flycatcher-Easington Cemetery-RL 

10/10/16 Monday out again with RL. Started at Hornsea Mere. Nothing of note although there was a solitary Pink-footed Goose on Kirkholme Point.


Pink-footed Goose-Hornsea Mere on Kirkholme Point.

Checked the trees around Atwick churchyard where a Blackcap and a few Redwing and Goldcrest were the best of it. At Far Grange added a Chiffchaff. Finally after a look on D reservoir had a look for migrants at Tophill Low NR. Found nothing but with the continuing mild weather there were still plenty of dragonflies on the wing.dscn3130

Migrant Hawker-Tophill Low NR


Common Darter-Tophill Low NR

A good day at Kilnsea/Easington

14 Sep

Haven’t blogged for many weeks mainly due to lack of time and inspiration. However with autumn here shorter days and better birding should get me back in action.

14/9 Sunday morning with a few interesting birds on the coast and nothing much in the Hull Valley, John and I headed for Kilnsea. To be honest I don’t usually do the “hotspots” particularly at the weekend as I can’t be bothered with the crowds and often find the birds are less showy than the pager would have you believe. Also with too many serious photographers and being more bothered with seeing rather than photographing bird and don’t get my camera out much.

Started in Crown & Anchor car-park where Yellow-browed Warbler and Barred Warbler had been reported. Not too crowded and quickly got on a Pied Flycatcher [year tick no.1] followed shortly by a smart Wood Warbler [year tick no.2]. With nothing else giving itself up we moved to Bluebell car-park for the Red-breasted Flycatcher at Southfield Farm. After some frustration this have itself up, initially as a brown flicker in a willow, than a flight view showing the white patches in the tail [year tick no.3].

Next was a Barred Warbler in the canal zone taking in a few Whinchat on the way. However it had gone to ground so with the tide dropping started checking the waders. Masses of Knot with lesser numbers of Dunlin, Grey, Golden and Ringed Plover, Dunlin and Redshank. Hoped for Curlew Sandpiper so John went to bring the car and gear. However before he returned a Great Grey Shrike was found nearby so I and walked to meet him near the Canal Scrape. Initially no sign but John picked it up but a long way off even through my ‘scope [year tick no.4].

Heard the Wryneck was showing well again at the entrance to Sandy Beaches Holiday Park but no sign for us so we headed back to Bluebell car-park for lunch and a sea-watch. Managed a Great Skua [year tick no.5] as well as Gannet, Red-throated Diver and Common Scoter. The sea-watch was cut short by the sight of birders looking into the holiday park. Joined them to get good views of the Wryneck [year tick no.6]. Also a few Alba Wagtail including a good candidate for White.


Wryneck-Sandy Beaches Holiday Village,Kilnsea

Moved to Sammy’s Point where Yellow-browed and Barred Warbler had been seen. Had a few Wheatear and a Redstart but although still around couldn’t get a solid view of the Barred Warbler.


North Wheatear-Sammy’s Point,Easington

All in all a better day than expect. Not too many birders,  everyone behaving and managed a good number of birds. Missed a Honey Buzzard which flew south then north earlier and may have been the bird at Out Newton as we arrived, also Yellow-browed and Marsh Warbler were seen at the Crown &Anchor car-park.

Wild Swans and Brent Geese at Kilnsea

9 Feb

The first winter Black Brant was reported still at Kilnsea by RBA as we were just finishing counting the waders over high tide at Paull Holme Strays. As ML needed it and we were it was only c20mls away thought it worth a try.

Entering Kilnsea could see a few swans below Long Bank. Stopped and picked out 3 Bewick’s Swan and at least 5 Whoopers [8 seen earlier] among the Mute Swans.


Bewick’s Swans


Whooper Swan

Continue into the village but couldn’t see the Brent Geese flock. Went to the north end of Long Bank and started walking south. Saw c200 Brent Geese circling then appearing to drop near Kilnsea Wetlands NR. Headed back to the car. If we’d looked at the sea we might have seen a Grey Phalarope flying north. No sign of any geese from the road or on the Wetlands so continued to the top of Long Bank where we found the flock opposite the listening disk. As there was only a 1/3 of the Brents present in the area it was no surprise that the Black Brant wasn’t among them.


Dark-bellied Brent Geese

Anyway the wild swans and Dark-bellied Brent Geese were a year tick and ML has many weeks yet for another chance with the Brant.

2013 in 12 pictures

31 Dec

January The bird of early 2013 had to be the then putative 1st winter Kumlien’s Gull at Barmston. Found late 2012 and identified as an Iceland Gull by RL and ML, the darker than normal appearance led Martin Garner to suggest it was actually a Kumlien’s. This was confirmed on it’s return in December.

Regarded Kumliens Barmston 310113 Leo

1st winter Kumlien’s Gull-RL

February The 2012/13 winter was one of the best recent Waxwings years. Among the many I saw were these I found while at work on the 5th.


Waxwings-Finkle Street Cottingham

March Had a trip to the Spanish Pyrenees in late February/early March. The main target was Wallcreeper.



April The highlight this month was the Rock Thrush at Kilnsea. A female so not the most attractive bird but a much sort after addition to any Yorkshire [and British] list. But what made this bird extra special was a Caspian Tern that flew north and was another much wanted county tick.


Female Rock Thrush-Kilnsea

May Although 1st seen in January at High Eske NR this 1st winter Ring-necked Duck was much admired into May.


Ring-necked Duck-Tophill Low NR

June Had a largely non-birding trip to New York this month but did get some birding done mainly in Central Park where this was taken.


Blue Jay-Central Park, New York

July A trip to Fen Bog on 26th produced Keeled Skimmer-a tick for me.

Image 5

Male Keeled Skimmer-Fen Bog, N.Yorks

August On the 10th I trapped a Star-wort moth in my Cottingham garden. In Yorkshire virtually unknown away from Spurn Point.


Star-wort moth

September This Bittern seen on the 26th was a new bird for me at North Cave Wetlands.


Greater Bittern-N.Cave Wetlands

October An almost unbelievable find this Uresiphita gilvata caught in my garden on the 22th constituted this first record for Yorkshire.


Uresiphita gilvata

November These Snow Buntings at Paull on the 24th qualify purely because they are one of my favourite birds and were so approachable.

Snow Buntings Near Paull Holme Strays 241113 RL

Snow Buntings-Paull

December This juvenile Ivory Gull found by Geoff Dobbs at Patrington Haven on the 15th was not just a Yorkshire tick for me but a lifer. My only British tick in 2013!


Juvenile Ivory Gull-Patrington Haven

My “tern” to rock it at Spurn.

26 Apr

25/4 Second time in 10 days I get a Mega Alert while at work. Again it’s East Yorkshire and again a county tick but not a lifer. Today it’s a female Rock Thrush found at The Warren, Spurn. {Had seen the last mass twitched bird at Holme, Norfolk.} Further on than last Monday and feeling more positive. The thrush moved north eventually holing up at Sandy Beaches Caravan Park, with instructions to keep out. Not looking good but get a text from Steve Elliot, just after I got in, that it’s now in the field south of Blue Bell car park and looking settled.  On the road with in an hour and there by late afternoon. Bit of a panic trying to see it for the first time but showed on and off the rest of the afternoon, usually on the concrete fence posts on the seaward edge of the field. Never close but slowly getting nearer. However was flushed by walkers on the flood bank and flew to the field further south. Did again work it’s way back north but never got more than half way. Also a few Northern Wheatear and Yellow Wagtails.


Female Rock Thrush-Kilnsea-my best shot.


Rock Thrush-Kilnsea-an un-cropped shot.

With a Firecrest reported at Crown & Anchor car park decided to go for a walk with John Brattan. Saw a group of birder appearing to look into bushes opposite Crown & Anchor car park but in fact were watching a Hobby. Oh well, saw plenty locally last year! No sign of anyone in the car park so after a quick look headed slowly back. Stopped to talk with Dave Britton, mainly about last weeks Baikal Teal. John headed for Sammy’s Point and I intended joining him but as I entered Blue Bell car park a hue and cry went up over a Caspian Tern heading north towards us. Mad scramble over the fence then all eyes looking north. “Close in from the sea-watching hut” comes the message over the radio, all straining to pick it up with out blocking the guy [or girl’s] view behind you. Can see a few larger gulls but none turning into a large tern, then the call goes up “close in, straight out”, and there it is, massive red bill and showing the dark under primaries to rule out Royal. Whooh, my Yorkshire bogey-bird finally unblocked. {Dipped one in Derbyshire on 12 May 1993, then had my throttle cable snap on the way home and left with out transport for it to spend the following day at Southfield reservoir.} Watched it until lost to view. No report further up the coast.

Now on a high decided not to go to Sammy’s Point so as not to upset John. Did a brief sea-watch and had a good number of Dunlin and Grey Plover flying north. Hung around for another 40 mins but the Rock Thrush wasn’t getting any closer and the weather was starting to go off. Heavy rain all the way back but wasn’t bothered.

The thrush became more elusive in the rain before flying off to roost at Southfield Farm.

26/4 Rock Thrush still around today, initially in the field south of Blue Bell car park then at Southfield Farm and at Sandy Beaches Caravan Park this evening. Fortunately for John Hirschfield who couldn’t make it on Thursday. Hopefully it’ll rang around for a mass twitch over the weekend. Suspect the Caspian Tern will turn up again somewhere.

27/4 Unfortunately it’s done that annoying trick of disappearing on Friday night. Hopefully it won’t be another 29 years before the next.