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15 Jan

15/1/17 Sunday morning headed for Scarborough with RL and ML.


Scarborough Harbour

Started at the harbour where we quickly picked up one each of the Black-necked Grebes and Great Northern Divers currently present.


Great Northern Diver in Scarborough Harbour


Black-necked Grebe in Scarborough Harbour

Soon had the second diver, the two occasionally surfacing close together. Walked round to the other side of the harbour where the we located the second grebe.


Cormorants in Scarborough Harbour.

Near the bridge added a approachable Rock Pipit.


Rock Pipit at Scarborough harbour

Looking out the sea had a juvenile Glaucous Gull in flight.


Glaucous Gull off Scarborough Harbour

On the sideway added Shag, with the Cormorants.


Shag and Cormorant in Scarborough Harbour

Moved to Marine Drive, parking near Albert Park Cafe. Initially couldn’t locate any Black Redstarts until we met up with a local birder who had just been watching one with two Stonechat nearby.


Black Redstart on Marine Drive, Scarborough


Stonechat on Marine Drive, Scarborough

Finally went to Scalby Mills car park where a juvenile Glaucous Gull was on the rocks but usually obscured by other gulls.



Glaucous Gull with Herring Gulls at Scalby Mills, Scarborough

Year List:- 101

First winter Citrine Wagtail at Danes’ Dyke.

9 Nov

DSCN5597Cliff face at Danes’ Dyke, Flamborough

On the Wednesday 5th November a first winter Citrine Wagtail was found on the beach at South Landing, Flamborough. Still present on Thursday it wasn’t seen on Friday but relocated nearby to the west on the beach at Danes’ Dyke on Saturday.

9/11/14 Out Sunday morning as usual with RL and ML. Both RL and I had seen Citrine Wagtail before including in Yorkshire but ML needed it so headed for Danes’ Dyke. Surprised that East Yorkshire CC were still charging for parking as in the past all the Flamborough carparks were free afternoon half-term. However can’t greedy when a quality bird is on site.

Walked down the ravine to the beach and noticed the swarms of flies over the rotting sea weed, obviously the reason the wagtails and pipits were in the area. Spent a short while with others birders looking at 2 Pied Wagtails before seeing a larger crowd to east and were soon watching the Citrine feeding at the base of the cliff. With the number of birders present we stayed at a good distance [hence not the best picture!?].


1w Citrine Wagtail-Danes’ Dyke, Flamborough


Birders watching Citrine Wagtail at Danes’ Dyke.

While we were watching the wagtail a Woodcock flew in, apparently off the sea, and alighted on rocks below the wagtail. We all give up on the Citrine to get pictures of the new arrival.


Woodcock-Danes’Dyke, Flamborough 

When we looked up for the wagtail however it had gone, apparently having flown west, possibly flushed by the Woodcock. Went looking for it but wasn’t on views but had several Rock Pipits.


Rock Pipit in a cloud of flies.

Although we didn’t see it again The Citrine Wagtail wasn’t missing long and showed all afternoon. A Water Pipit was still at South Landing but we did the sea between Barmston and Atwick finishing at Hornsea Mere where we had all 3 Slavonian Grebes for the first time in a week as well as a pair of Red-crested Pochard but no sign again of the Red-necked Grebe.


There was some questions about the Citrine Wagtail but now seem resolved. I’m not going to go into them as others do it better so See here.