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North Cave Wetlands and Tophill Low NRs

19 Aug

19/8/16 Friday morning was at North Cave Wetlands for the third day, this time with RL, SL and ML. Quick walk to Reedbed and the Spotted Crake was ticked off in a matter of minutes.


Spotted Crake-North Cave Wetlands on Reedbed

A good influx of Curlew Sandpiper into the area this morning including 23 found by SB at Paul Holme Strays, as well as Pied Flycatcher near the fort. Had a quick from Crosslands Hide in the hope one had dropped in but the only had five Dunlin and a Common Sandpiper.


Picture of the previous Spotted Crake on Crossland Hide door.

Next to Tophill Low NR, unfortunately the Pectoral Sandpiper seemed to moved on. Had a look at D reservoir but again failed to locate the Scaup seem again by LJ yesterday. Moved on to North Lagoon where most of the waders seemed to be. Had 7 Ruff, 2 Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper and 3 Grey Wagtail.


Greenshank-Tophill Low NR on North Lagoon 


Ruff-Tophill Low NR on North Lagoon 

North Lagoon is one of the best places to photograph waders but today, with start of the forecast rain, conditions weren’t perfect. Had intended moving one but the rain slowed and we took RH up on another tour of the construction site [see here for a previous account].


Work on the new Tophill Low NR visitors centre site

Again when we were thinking of going, the Pectoral Sandpiper was relocated back on South Marsh East so ML, SL and I headed that way. Again best from back-to-back hide. Was surprisingly difficult to locate in the poorer light, proving the cryptic nature of its plumage on muddy islands.


Pectoral Sandpiper-Tophill Low NR on South Marsh East

Also Garganey and Pintail which we didn’t see but did have Snipe and another Green Sandpiper and Ruff.


Spotted Crake at North Cave Wetlands

18 Aug

17/8/16 A Spotted Crake seen briefly by MU at North Cave Wetlands on Reedbed on Sunday evening then relocated by TC early Tuesday evening. I’d missed the previous twitchable one due to not bothering to go the same evening but fortunately after not been seen again that evening this one was seen again Wednesday morning.  As I wasn’t too fit thought I’d leave it until the afternoon. A Whinchat had been seen yesterday near the maize field so I  had a quick look on the way to the Reedbed. Getting there the crake hadn’t been seen for c2 hours. Joined PW in St.Helen’s Farm viewpoint and wasn’t long before he’d located it.


St Helen’s Farm viewpoint at North Cave Wetland [“the hide without a back”]



Reedbed at North Cave Wetlands looking toward the western edge which the Spotted Crake inhabits.

Watched it for a good time although always distant, and in cover much of the time, along western edge of the pit. Later joined GD and RH near the seat at the western end where it was a bit closer although the light and distance still made it impossible to get a clear photo.


The best Spotted Crake shot I got!!

Also on the Reedbed were a Greenshank, 2 Redshank and 2 Common Tern.


Redshank on Reedbed at North Cave Wetland. A surprisingly scarce inland wader at the moment.


Yellow Wagtail on Reedbed at North Cave Wetlands

Went for another look for Whinchat with SG but again no sign but had a few Corn Bunting. We went to check the new workings from Crosslands Hide. Two Egyptian Geese, a Common Sandpiper and two Lesser Black-backed Gull were on the slurry lagoon and three Greenshank and the Bar-headed Goose on Cell A.


Egyptian Geese on slurry lagoon at North Cave Wetlands


Bar-headed Goose on Cell A at North Cave Wetlands


Common Tern on the tern raft on Main Lake at North Cave Wetlands

Thanks to a call from SG had two Green Sandpipers and a Ruff from the gate near the entrance before I left.

18/8/26 Had a quick look at High Eske NR on Thursday morning. The ‘summer islands’ were covered and there was sign of the Little Stint. However there were two Green Sandpipers on the main island and two Common Sandpipers on the east shore.

Went back to North Cave Wetlands with JH early afternoon. Hadn’t been seen for a good while but soon after sitting down in the viewpoint I located it and we watched it walk the length of the west side. The light was initially better than yesterday being a bit earlier. Also had three Greenshank and two Little Ringed Plover. MU had seen the the Whinchat on the Snipe field fence. We had a look but no sign however saw it distantly back on the fence from Turret Hide later. Also had the two Egyptian Geese on Village Lake. Had three Snipe and a Green Sandpiper on Dryham Ings from the gate near the entrance.