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New York-Day 4-June 19

31 Jul


The plaque in the garden commemorating the Commonwealth victims on 9/11. Although the main 9/11 memorial is pristine local workers us this garden for a fag [cigarette] break as witnessed by the discarded tab ends.


Plaque remembering the American fallen of the Vietnam war. One of the good things Harold Wilson PM did was keep the UK out of this one.


The main Vietnam memorial. Some very moving inscriptions including passages from letters written home by GIs.

Took the Staten Island Ferry mainly for the Statue of Liberty

DSCN8139 IMG_0313

Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry.


Ferry berthed at Staten Island



Another Staten Island Ferry going the other way

Had a look round the National Museum of the American Indian in the 1907 Custom House. A very good exhibition and free. I am English and we don’t take pictures in museums but took a few of the building.


 Christopher Columbus in 1907 Custom House-rather poignant considering it now houses the American Indian Museum.


Interior of 1907 Custom House


Street performers near Brooklyn Bridge. Very entertaining but didn’t have the time to watch the full act.


Started walking across Brooklyn Bridge but very busy and hoardings, due to maintenance  work, blocked the view of the actual river crossing so turned back.


Brooklyn bridge


Beekman Building. Interesting architecture as from some angles looks like it been “bent” by a collision . A bit weird when so close to the 9/11 site.

Did a rather pointless “Lonely Planet” tour of film locations this afternoon, including Holly Golightly’s apartment then had another quick walk through Central Park where I added Eastern Kingbird to the trip list.


Common Grackle-Central Park.


Chocolate statue for a same sex wedding.