I’ve previously blogged on Hull Valley blog but as of 2013 I wish to use this purely for HVWG information and my patch work within the valley. I’ve been interested in wildlife since very young, largely thanks to my father. I actually started birding in the early 70’s but then took it up seriously in the mid 80’s becoming a serious twitcher in 1992 when Tony Dixon started driving. However I only go for what I need so now only go on a twitch a few times a year. I have varying interest in other wildlife. I run Skinner MV moth trap in the garden as well as looking for butterflies and moths in the field. Check here for more on my moth trapping. Haven’t got into flowers [yet] although do like orchids.

As I don’t leave the “Valley” much this could mean a pretty slow blog. That’s where “and biking” comes in. I’ve been a biker since 1976 and haven’t yet learnt to drive.  See how it goes but will write about bikes, usually as a means to go birding, occasionally and maybe anything that takes my [and hopefully my followers] interest. Comments stay open for now see I’ll wait for feedback.

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